Can raccoons climb brick walls or vinyl siding?

Raccoon's are unit buxom, shaggy animals with flossy tails. Their face is coated with a black mask that surrounds their eyes principally. These animals might look lovely, however, they might react violently once approached. In line with National Geographic, the most size they'll reach is concerning the scale of a tiny low dog. They will become older to ninety-five centimeters and should weight concerning solely 10kgs (23lbs). Their nature is kind of adaptable; their environment can also be in an exceedingly manmade place that is abandoned. Once in typical, their homes are in caves, dens or trees. As they fancy their encompassing in the human atmosphere they will additionally create their target barns.

Raccoons aren't friendly animals, and they spend much of their time resting. The creature loses about fifty percent of their fat during the winters. They are very aware of their surroundings; they keep themselves as clean as they wash their food before they feed. By their nature, they are omnivorous their favorite food is fish, frogs and bird eggs. They also like watermelon, plums, apples, too.

Raccoon climbing skills

Their offspring are usually called kits or cubs and they are born in early summer. This is the time when baby raccoons after eight to twelve weeks become completely independent and start roaming around. According to ADW, raccoons can fall from thirty-five to forty feet without injuring themselves; they can run up to 24 kilometers an hour. Raccoons are stunning climbers. They are going to ascend in nature. Most of the raccoons have the capability of climbing brick walls. 

What features make raccoons excellent climbers?

  • Their hands and feet consist of long, thick nails that allow them to explore the fences and climb trees. Their claws are still out and clearly visible
  • Their claws have a great ability to dig out from deep below the surface and from bricks and concrete.
  • According to their hands, they have the ability to spin at one hundred and eight degrees, which enables them tremendously to climb down the headlong.
  • Despite their brute strength, they are also very intelligent. They always are always eager to discover where their paws are going to help them.
  • Raccoons can scale countless surfaces, but they find it very difficult to scale metal or glass.

What motivates them to climb?

  • Their key aim of climbing trees is to search for food. Essentially, feed themselves and their offspring's. They find various vegetables and fruits mostly berries which they are very fond of. They also enjoy eating insects and bird eggs.
  • Climbing a house will treat them mainly with a piece of cake or any food object. They choose to scale a three-story house rather than climbing a Thirty feet tall tree.
  • Raccoons are blessed with superpowers mainly in their paws. That helps them to be extra sensitive when they climb trees or fences or when they touch other animals.


This information helps us in concluding that raccoons have the ability to climb the brick walls. But it is quite hard and nearly impossible for them to climb vinyl siding.

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